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LensGO LYM-DMM2 Wired Microphone 5m Super-cardiod Video Recording Mic for Camera,Smartphones,DSLR,Consumer Camcorder

LensgoDMM2 Ultracompact Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone LENSGO LYM-DMM2 is a on-camera super-cardioid directivity Microphone ,designed to reduces surrounding sounds and focuses

ميكرفون شات جن للكاميرا LENSGO DM200

Name:Shotgun Microphone(Sereo) Material:Aluminum alloy+ABS Plastic Dimensions:23*2.2*2.2cm/G.W:350g                            

ميكرفون لاسلكي لنزجو Lensgo 338C مع ميكرفون لافالاير وميزة تخفيف الضجيج

LENSGO LWM-338C Wireless Microphone: Sounds in Sync Everywhere! LENSGO LWM-338C Wireless Lavalier Microphone system, wireless lavalier lapel mic with 1